CDAP Grant
Canada Digital Adoption Program

Alert UPDATE: CDAP’s The Boost Your Business Technology Grant is ($15,000 grant) now fully subscribed and no longer accepting new applications. If your business is already grant-approved and in need of a CDAP Advisor to support next steps, click the button below to  guide you through the next steps of the CDAP program, or if you’re not grant-approved but still in need of expert Digital Advisor advise and support for your Digital Transformation, Digital Sales & Marketing or Digital Adoption goals.

Take the fast track to digital adoption. Are you eligible for the $15K CDAP grant?

In a few simple steps, complete the CDAP application to find out if your business is eligible for the CDAP Canada $15,000 grant. Once approved, you’ll partner with an accredited CDAP digital advisor who will guide you through the CDAP program to create a tailored digital adoption plan for your business. This is a fast track way to accelerate your business growth and revenue, lower operational costs, stay competitive, adapt to customers expectations and transform your business in the digital era through CDAP’s Boost Your Business Technology program.

Already CDAP grant approved? Talk to an CDAP Advisor today

Now that you’re accepted to the CDAP Canada program, the next step is pairing you with a right Digital Advisor that is a “business fit” for your digital adoption goals. Take 1-minute to complete the below questionnaire to help you find the ‘right fit’ for your business and digital adoption goals. Our team and platform will provide you a shortlist of CDAP Digital Advisors you can review and receive a digital adoption proposal with zero commitments. 

Form: SME needs a CDAP Advisor | Lead Generation

Check grant eligibility

While CDAP grant application is now closed for the $15,000 digital adoption grant, we can still help. Have our team introduce you to some of the top Digital Advisors who can support your business success in many areas of Digital Transformation and Adoption (ex. digital sales and marketing (ex. SEO, Social media, marketing automation, digital advertising, etc.), technology and tools, data and analytics, AI (artificial intelligence), process automation, and more).  Click the button below for help. 

Canada Digital Adoption Program

The CDAP (Canadian Digital Adoption Program) empowers Canadian businesses with expert digital adoption advisors, enabling them to create effective strategies and roadmaps to integrate digital capabilities and solutions for business growth, cost optimization, and improved customer experience. Grow your business with an omni-channel or digital-first strategy to unlock the full potential in the digital landscape.

Canadian Businesses like yours

The popularity of CDAP Canada’s CDAP (Canada Digital Adoption Program) or PCAN has paired businesses like yours to leverage the CDAP grant to partner with a CDAP digital advisor who have the expertise of the digital landscape. Whether its data and analytics, digital marketing, sales and marketing technology, cyber security, automation or more, the CDAP Canada program can help businesses with customers like yours compete and grow.

canada digital adoption program for Canadian retail stores.


Grow local store foot traffic, lower operating costs, adapt to customers digital expectations, expand to market reach through direct sales channels as ecommerce (eStore) or online marketplaces as Amazon, Walmart and Shopify. The CDAP grant will help build sustainable growth and stay competitive in the digital era.

canada digital adoption program for restaurants.

Food & Beverage

CDAP grants have helped restaurants, cafes, catering, etc. Grow your local customer base, get found locally in Google, migrate to a digital POS (point of sale) system, etc. Overcome fierce competition, evolving consumer preferences, and lower operational complexities to improve your already razor thin profit margins and growth in the digital age.

Business 2 Business

CDAP Canada supports B2B challenges as inefficient sales and marketing processes, sales funnel automation (CRM and marketing automation), sales pipeline velocity and close rates, and limited market reach by embracing a digital adoption plan that improves operational efficiency, enhance supply chain management, and expands market opportunities.

canada digital adoption program for Canadian realtors and real estate agents.

Real Estate

Strive to overcome challenges as manual processes, lack of qualified sales leads, customer reach, and complex customer and property management. Our CDAP Digital Advisor list can help identify a cdap advisor to show you how to streamline operations, enhanced customer engagement, and broader market visibility to drive growth, efficiency, and improved client experiences.

canada digital adoption program for Canadian law firms, accounting services and other professional services.

Professional Services

Consulting, legal, and accounting and others aim to address goals and challenges as customer growth, manual workflows, limited scalability, and client communication challenges. Your CDAP application is the 1st step to have a CDAP advisor help you with a digital adoption plan to increase productivity, client satisfaction, and business growth in the digital markets.

canada digital adoption program for Canadian information technology and software development businesses

Information Technology

IT and software development businesses leverage the Canada digital adoption program (CDAP Canada) to navigate rapidly evolving technology, increased competition, and cybersecurity risks. The CDAP grant will help improve your operational efficiency, enhance cybersecurity, expanded service offerings to stay at the forefront of the digital landscape.

Health & Wellness

Fitness, beauty, healthcare and more utilize the Canada digital adoption program to address fierce competition, evolving consumer demands, and limited consumer reach. CDAP advisors help you navigate digital adoption areas as as expanded online presence, personalized customer experiences, streamlined operations, and more to grow your business in the digital landscape.

Construction & Contracting

Leverage CDAP Canada to adopt digital technologies and capabilities to overcome project delays, communication inefficiencies, and fragmented data. The CDAP grant helps businesses improve project management, enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and data-driven decision-making, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, and successful project delivery.

canada digital adoption program for Canadian small to medium sized enterprises (SME).

Others Canadian SME's

Many other Canadian small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) can address challenges as limited resources, operational inefficiencies, and low market visibility through the Canada digital adoption program (or Pcan). The CDAP Canada grant (or pcan grant) can help SME's as design and creative, hospitality and tourism, wholesale and distribution with a CDAP grant to support a digital adoption plan to succeed in the digital landscape.

How does the Canadian digital adoption program work?

3 simple steps:

  1. Check your eligibility (see above)
  2. Apply online here. Applications take a few minutes
  3. Find an accredited CDAP Digital Advisor. Your digital advisor brings wealth of expertise and knowledge to driving digital adoption and growth. 
  4. Get started! Work with your Digital Advisor to create the DAP (digital adoption plan) and submit to CDAP for the grant.

How can we help you?

At no-cost, we help guide you through the Canada digital adoption program eligibility and application.

Once approved by CDAP, we help find and match you with an accredited and authorized CDAP Digital Advisor who has the expertise and experience in your market and business. The goal is to find the right ‘business fit’ for a CDAP advisor who understands your business, customers, goals and challenges.

After your CDAP digital adoption plan (DAP) is submitted for the CDAP grant, we then help pair you with the right partner to execute the digital adoption plan and roadmap.

We also guide you through the additional benefits of the CDAP program; BDC loan (up to $100,000 interest-free) and $7,500 subsidy to hire a graduate or student. Yes, the CDAP program is not only the $15,000 CDAP grant under Boost your Business Technology, but your CDAP advisor will also guide you through the CDAP loan process, ISED CDAP process and BDC (Business Development Canada) opportunities.

Check eligibility

In 1-2 minutes, find out if your business is eligible for the CDAP program.

Approved? Find a CDAP Advisor

Get matched with an accredited CDAP Advisor.

CDAP Digital Advisor

A CDAP advisor will guide you through the CDAP Canada grant steps, including CDAP eligibility, application, ISED CDAP grant information and BDC CDAP loan process.