CDAP enables a Toronto home builder to transform project management

Discover how a Toronto-based residential home developer tackled operational challenges, seized an opportunity, and achieved transformative results through the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).

CDAP Success Story
Toronto home developer digitalizes project management to improve profit margins

Explore the journey of a Toronto residential home developer as they addressed operational challenges between all project stakeholders, leveraged a unique grant opportunity, and reaped remarkable results from partnering with a CDAP Digital Advisor through the government-funded Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) program’s $15,000 grant.

The Problem

This Toronto-baed residential developer grappled with several challenges where operational costs had a major impact on project margins . After learning about the Canada Digital Adoption Program, the residential builder applied for the Boost Your Business Technology to attain the $15,000 grant and access to expert CDAP advisors to help them overcome the operational challenges to improve the operating margins. Some of the challenges the home builder faced:

  • Outdated Manual Processes: Existing manual project management through email, Microsoft OneDrive, Excel, related processes led to inefficiencies, escalating operational costs, and delays in project communications and completion.
  • Communication Bottlenecks: Ineffective communication between multi-stakeholder project teams resulted in reduced productivity, errors, unnecessary duplicate meetings and prolonged project timelines.
  • Competitive Disadvantage: The absence of digital tools and process automation hindered competitiveness in the home development market, among increased operational costs that impacted bottom line margins
  • Document Management Issues: Managing and accessing critical project documents was inefficient, leading to productivity loss


Manual and inefficient project management processes

Increased operational costs and project delays due to manual processes and often duplicate processes such as emailing files and constant iterations and sign off, duplicating labour and cost reports, etc.

Communication issues leading to delays

Communication delays resulting from communication issues and confusions across a multi-matrix of stakeholders from architects, designers, engineers, inspectors, project manager and sub-contractors and the client.

Competitive disadvantage due to the absence of digital tools and automation

The absence of automation of manual processes and digital capabilities put the company at a competitive disadvantage in the industry, and in the eyes of the end client.

Compliance risks, inefficient management to project documents

Lack of a centralized and searchable document repository, approval workflows and notifications caused unnecessary inefficiencies leading to wasted time and effort.

The Opportunity

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) presented a unique opportunity for the residential construction company. 

  • Evaluate the right ‘business fit’ of project management technology and capabilities that fit the goals and needs of all project stakeholders
  • Financial Assistance: The CDAP Stream 2 grant, “Boost Your Business Technology,” offered significant financial support of a $15,000 grant
  • Expert Guidance: Access to experienced digital advisors who guide businesses through digital transformation growth to grow revenue, lower operating costs and enhance customer intimacy.
  • Additional Funding Options: The availability of a Business Development Canada (BDC) interest-free loan of up to $100,000 and a $7,300 student/graduate subsidy enhanced the resources available
  • Receive a digital adoption plan and execution roadmap that answers the ‘what’ and ‘how’, and support to how to execute or implement. 
$15,000 Grant

Leveraged the CDAP $15,000 grant to access the expertise of CDAP Digital Advisors to develop the path and blueprint how to adopt digital capabilities and technology that are a "fit for business" to improve operation management such as project management.

Access Digital Expertise

Engaged CDAP digital advisors with deep expertise and experience to partner with and guide the home builder through the CDAP process and build a custom digital adoption strategy and plan that's a fit for the builders business goals and challenges.

Close the Knowledge Gap

CDAP acts as a bridge to close the knowledge gap between people, processes, and technology and your business. With expert advisors and tailored roadmaps, it empowers businesses to embrace technology effectively, offering financial support and knowledge transfer

Find the 'Business Fit'

Technology isn't always straightforward, and salespeople often pitch it as a quick fix or 'silver bullet' solution. The CDAP grant unlocks access to digital advisor expertise for you to leverage for a technology or solution assessment and evaluation to ensure you get the right recommendations and truly fits your business, rather than forcing tech to fit you.

Resource Cost Subsidy

In order to make sure the digital adoption plan runs smoothly, the home builder has the option to access a $7,300 subsidy. This subsidy allows them to bring a skilled student or graduate on board, who will play a crucial role in executing the CDAP digital adoption plan effectively. This additional support greatly contributes to the plan's success.

BDC interest-free capital

Thanks to the CDAP program, the residential builder has the opportunity to secure an interest-free business loan through Business Development Canada (BDC), with a substantial limit of up to $100,000. This financial boost can play a pivotal role in helping the builder enhance their digital capabilities and make significant strides in their business operations.

The opportunity to embrace the Canada Digital Adoption Program would allow the residential developer to transform its operations by establishing a ‘fit for business’ project management solution or technology, and the expertise and support to navigate the digital landscape to translate business needs and knowledge gap. a strong online presence, mitigating the impact of COVID on revenue, sales, and operational costs, and positioning itself for sustainable growth in an increasingly digital landscape.

The Solution

To address these challenges and seize the opportunity, the residential developer opted to apply to CDAP’s Boost Your Business Technology stream to work with a digital advisor on a custom digital transformation strategy. 

The digital adoption plan addressed an executive summary, a thorough  comprehensive Discovery of the business and technology current state, goals and objectives, challenges and risks, SWOT, gap analysis and external as the market insights, competitors, the business model and future business goals. 

This set the stage to identify a few potential digital or technology solutions the home builder could consider for centralized project management. 

The project management solutions were evaluated across a set of criteria’s that were informed by user stories across the project manager, construction manager, sub-contractors, inspectors, architects and designers and the customer. 

These user-stories that describe each stakeholders needs, wants and challenges, were scored against a set of criteria that each technology solution was evaluated against. 

The result of this evaluate identified the right ‘business fit’, while also considering TCO (total cost of ownership).

As a result, the digital adoption plan provided the direction, recommendation and implementation roadmap to adopt the recommended solution, among other key insights and opportunities to consider to further improve and enhance their goals and needs.

With financial support from CDAP and expert guidance from CDAP advisors, the Toronto-based residential home developer achieved:

  • Substantial improvements in project management efficiency
  • Team collaboration
  • Competitiveness
  • Document management.

The Results

Collaborating with CDAP resulted in several notable benefits for the residential home developer. They were able to identify the right project management solution or technology fit for their business, and streamline their project management processes. This led to significant cost savings and improved time-to-value realization on projects across all stakeholders. This improved collaboration among project teams boosted productivity and shortened project timelines. By utilizing advanced digital tools, the Toronto builder gained a competitive edge in the home construction and development sector. Moreover, the developer also improved their document management, making it easier to access and retrieve essential information.

CDAP lowered operating costs through technology enablement

Project management costs decreased by 25%

The home builder achieved remarkable results by leveraging the CDAP program, leading to a significant 25% reduction in project management costs.
This cost-saving measure translated to enhanced profitability and a more competitive position within the home builders market.

Team productivity increased, leading to shorter project timelines.

The home builder achieved significant benefits through the CDAP program, particularly in the form of improved team productivity as a result of adopting a project management solution that is a fit for their business needs. This resulted in shorter project timelines, improved team collaboration, enabled more efficient and competitive project management and accelerated overall productivity.

Gained a competitive advantage, saved time and labour costs through the use of advanced digital tools.

By adopting the CDAP digital adoption plan recommendations for the advanced digital tools, the home builder gained a crucial competitive advantage while simultaneously reducing time and labor costs. This innovation not only improved efficiency but also enhanced the builder's position in their market.

Our business growth potential is now unlimited!

“CDAP has been pivotal in our path to improve our operating margins and profitability. With grants financial support and the guidance of the expert consultant (digital advisors), we selected the right project management to streamline our processes, improved team collaboration, and I believe gained a competitive edge. Everyone on our team and clients all have great feedback on the benefits of our tool. Our partnership with the CDAP advisor has truly transformed our business.” – Michael Leclair, Partner

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