CDAP eligibility next steps

Thank you for taking the first step towards the Canadian Digital Adoption Program and the CDAP grants. See below for next steps.

Next step...

Visit the online grant assessment tool here offered by the Canadian government to see which grant is best for your business, and eligibility.

The online assessment tool will guide you step-by-step to quick determine which grant you’re business is eligible:

  • Stream 1: Grow Your Business Online ($2,400 grant), or 
  • Stream 2: Boost Your Business Technology ( up to $15,000 grant , BDC $100K interest-free loan and a $7,200 student/graduate subsidy

If the CDAP program can benefit your business, and appreciate our support through your CDAP journey, we encourage you to leave your positive feedback in our Google profile here feedback is invaluable and is reviewed by our team daily. This is also a fast-track way to ensure a prompt response from our team. Thank you!

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