CDAP's $15,000 Grant for the Home Improvement Industry

Discover at the Hardlines Conference in Whistlier, BC, how CDAP can accelerate the growth of your residential or commercial construction and home improvement business in the digital age. With grants and subsidies of up to $22,000 and optional access to a BDC interest-free loan of up to $100,000, the Canada Digital Adoption Program is your fast track to success.

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Canada Digital Adoption Program grant for your home improvement, supply, or construction business

What is the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) program?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on Canadian businesses including the home construction and renovation industry, the Canadian government launched the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) with $4 billion grant funding managed by ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada). 

CDAP aims to assist businesses in developing and adopting digital capabilities to enhance online presence, competitiveness, cost efficiency, operations and customer intimacy for digital-era growth.

Through CDAP’s Stream 2 ‘Boost Your Business Technology,’ businesses can access a $15,000 grant, an optional BDC $100,000 interest-free loan, and a $7,300 resource subsidy.

An accredited CDAP Digital Advisor will partner with you to create a Digital Adoption Plan (DAP) and strategic roadmap to tailored to your business to expedite digital and technology adoption for  revenue growth, reduce operational expenses, foster innovation, and improve customer intimacy in the digital age.


Ronse Massey, high-end residential developer

The CDAP program has been a game-changer for our construction business, helping us how to capitalize digital customer channels as Google and social media to grow our sales pipeline, and technology capabilities to streamline project management and operations between our team, vendors and and the customer in ways I couldn't have imagined.
CDAP Canada store owner in Toronto who leveraged the CDAP grant to hire a CDAP digital advisor to create a custom digital adoption plan.
Amir Safari
Partner; Safari Residential Development

How does it work?

Access the CDAP program and begin digitally transforming your home improvement, supply or construction business. 

1. Check eligibility

Take 2 minutes to take the first step to check your eligibility for CDAPs "Boost Your Business Technology' stream to access the $15,000 grant and more.

2. Create an account

Once eligibility is confirmed, we'll guide you on how to create a CDAP account through the ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) for the 'Boost Your Business Technology' Stream and access the $15,000 grant.

3. Work with an Advisor

Once your business is approved, an accredited CDAP Digital Advisor will partner with you to develop a tailored DAP (digital adoption plan), blueprint and strategic roadmap for your business.

Step 1
Check eligibility now

Complete the following form to take your first step to see if your business is eligible for CDAP’s $15,000 grant under Stream 2  ‘Boost Your Business Technology’. A team member will follow up to book a free consult to answer your CDAP questions and next steps.

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Businesses like yours?

Canada’s CDAP (Canada Digital Adoption Program) has connected businesses in the home improvement, construction, and supply sectors with CDAP grants and expertise. This program aids in navigating and capitalizing on the digital landscape, addressing technology gaps, digital sales and marketing, data analytics, cybersecurity, automation, and more. CDAP Canada empowers businesses like yours to excel and remain competitive in the digital arena.

CDAP home renovation

Home Renovation & Contractors

The Canadian home renovation industry is embracing digital growth through the CDAP program. More home renovation businesses and developers are leveraging the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) grant to adapt to the evolving market landscape, respond to fierce competition (ex. get found in Google), adjust to evolving consumer preferences, optimize project management, and streamline business operations through data and technology.

Residential & Commercial Builders

Strategically adopt digital and technology capabilities to improve project management, overcome project delays, communication inefficiencies, fragmented data and more. The CDAP grant helps builders and developers improve digital capabilities in areas across sales and marketing, project management, team/client collaboration, streamline workflows, and data-driven decision-making, leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, and successful project delivery.

canada digital adoption program for retail suppliers and home hardware stores

Building Suppliers & Home Improvement

Retail home improvement and building supply businesses can thrive with the CDAP program by leveraging it to guide the path for digital capabilities that enhance operations and adapt to changing market demands. Streamline inventory management, offer customers new sales channels as an ecommerce store or online marketplaces (ex. Amazon B2B), stay competitive, optimize supply chain, improve customer NPS and CSAT, and more, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

What can I use the CDAP grant for?

An accredited CDAP Digital Advisor will guide a digital maturity assessment to pinpoint areas in your business where digital solutions, technology, automation, cybersecurity, AI, and new skills can fill the gaps. With the guidance of a CDAP Digital Advisor, your business will develop a powerful strategy and roadmaps to seamlessly integrate digital capabilities, driving growth, cost-efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences, unleashing your business’s full potential in the digital landscape.

CDAP for project management technology and capabilities in the home construction, residential and commercial development industry

Project Management

CDAP empowers businesses to identify the project management solution thats a fit for business and projects to reduce delays, enhance communications, centralizing information (ex. permits, photos, contracts, invoices, etc.), and providing real-time project insights. The CDAP grant equips residential and commercial builders and contractors with the necessary digital tools and capabilities to streamline operations, improve coordination, ensure on-time delivery to boost profitability.

CDAP for SEO and sales lead generation

Sales & Marketing

Create a comprehensive digital sales and marketing strategy to effectively reach and engage new customers for your home construction, renovation, or building supply business. This includes digitizing various sales activities like prospecting, lead generation, and nurturing through avenues such as Google (SEO), digital advertising, social media, email marketing, automation, and more. Leverage these cost-effective and scalable digital channels and capabilities to drive significant sales growth for your business.

canada digital adoption program for Canadian information technology and software development businesses

And much, much more

CDAP can help with numerous areas of your business to boost digital adoption:
• Customer relationship management (CRM)
• Construction estimation
• Digital marketing
• CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
• Accounting and finance
• Construction management software
• eCommerce
• Data and analytics
• Cyber security
• Document management
• Safety and compliance
• and more.

How do we help you?

We help navigate you through the Canada digital adoption program, connect you with the right expertise and attain the CDAP grant and all the value the program has to offer before its gone. 

Once your CDAP application is approved, we match you with an accredited CDAP Digital Advisor who has the expertise and experience in your market and business to develop your DAP (digital adoption plan), blueprint and implementation roadmap.

When the DAP is complete and the grant is received, we can help pair you with the right partner to execute the digital adoption plan and roadmap.

CDAP Digital Advisor

An accredited CDAP advisor is your partner to guide you through the CDAP process. Your advisor brings the experience and expertise to develop a 'fit for purpose' Digital Adoption Plan (DAP) and strategic roadmap to execute the digital strategy. Your CDAP advisor costs are 90% covered by the CDAP grant.

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